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Myanmar 300 T Complete Stainless Steel Fish meal Line

Jul. 29, 2020

The largest domestic fishery company in Myanmar is engaged in the development of pangasius fish farming, fish meal and fish oil production. In order to further expand the industrial structure and production scale, an investigation team has come to China many times After many rounds of comparison and screening, our company has stood out from many competing companies with its superb production technology and excellent product quality.

Our experience with large enterprises and high customer satisfaction, has finally convinced our client to work together with them to build the standard demonstration base for fishmeal in Myanmar.

Compared with traditional production lines, the stainless-steel production line has obvious advantages such as corrosion resistance, and longer lifespan. The process is also completely automated from feeding to packaging. The entire production line lays a solid foundation to produce high-quality products.

The production line adopts the wet method to produce steam fish meal, and the raw material is the scraps of pangasius processing. Pangasius fish meal is widely used in feed production, and fish oil is separated to the greatest extent. The characteristics of pangasius fish oil are high oil content, clear fish oil and good quality. After further being refined, it can be used as edible oil.

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