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South Africa 1200T Cooker Put Into Production

Aug. 06, 2020

In 2018, South Africa’s largest canned fish production and processing company ordered a 1200T cooker after many years’ of cooperation. The company emphasized the professionalism shown by our company’s personnel and the complete sales and service system. After on-site inspection to reach PD5500 standard, we had finally signed a contract with our company for a daily production of 1200T or 50T/hr Cooker.

The 1200T cooking machine is the largest single cooker ever designed and made in China so far. From drawing design to manufacturing, it has high requirements for technology and craftsmanship. After several months of hard work, our company completed the product and deliveried in 2019 and put it into production in the same year and its performance had been recognized by users.

The production of this product also marks that our company's technical research and development capabilities have reached the world-class level. For a long time, our company has been been practicing the our values "Quality First, Service First", committed to building a domestic benchmark enterprise and producing world-class products,  to let more world-class fishmeal manufacturers recognize and trust Chinese fishmeal equipment!

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