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Shandong 600 T fish meal production line

Jul. 29, 2020

Shandong Homey is a listed company whose main business are marine aquaculture and seafood processing. The annual revenue of the fishmeal project has exceeded 30 million USD. Homey has been cooperating with our company for more than 20 years, in the newest fishmeal project in Weihai city, the latest generation of Xinzhou Fishmeal Machine has been completed the installation and commissioning in 2016 and successfully put it into production.

After just one month of trial production, it was found that production capacity and user experience have been significantly improved compared with previous generations of products.

This 600 T per day large-scale fishmeal production line is the sixth generation product. In the process of continuous upgrading of products and equipment, and gradual technological progress, our company has been committed to developing new products with high efficiency and low consumption. This production line adopts wet method to produce steam dried super fish meal. The protein content of anchovy fish meal is as high as 68%, and easily absorbed by animals. The water content of fish oil is controlled within 1%, which is easier to store and use. It is sold all over the country and recognized by the fishmeal customers.

 It has proved that this production line has been well recognized Homey due to its outstanding features of high yield and low consumption which create the profit.

From the success of 600T, it affirmed the capability of R&D team as well as our responsibility of benchmark in China. Our company will further increase research and development efforts, and strive to develop more high-precision products that meet the requirements of different customers.

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